Born Under Japan

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This year, January 31st was the first day of the new year on the Lunar calendar. In Korea, Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays of the year. The cities are quiet, stores are closed, and the streets … Continue reading

Interviewee: YB Byun

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(Above photo – YB Byun in his jazz bar “Pinot“) There has been a lot happening since the last posting. New members have joined the film, and several people have been interviewed and filmed. Over the coming weeks I will … Continue reading

Meetings By Chance

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Last weekend I went scouting locations in Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province). It is located near the West Sea (Yellow Sea) and about in the center of South Korea. Compared to the other provinces of Korea, this is one that I … Continue reading

Spring Scouting

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There has been quite a delay since the last post, but after I had a film assignment in the United States, this will be an active month for Sedae Chai. The changing of the seasons from winter to spring opens up … Continue reading

Unbuilt City

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Last month I went west of Seoul towards Incheon to scout some locations. Considering all of my time living around Seoul, I’ve spent very little of it in Incheon. I often see these beautiful photos showing the city and skyline, … Continue reading

Production Year

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2013 will be a busy year for Sedae Chai. 2011 was the developmental stage. In 2012 it moved in to pre-production. Now with 2013 Sedae Chai will move fully into production. There are many people to interview and places to go still. … Continue reading

Makgeolli Musicians

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Today (Dec 16th, 2012) I met with Lee Byeongkyo 이 봉교, one of the people that has so far been interviewed for Sedae Chai. He is a profesional traditional Korean musician that specializes in playing janggu , amongst other instruments. His interview is complete (which was … Continue reading


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Ultimately, “Sedae Chai” is about the contrasts within Korea, not just with the generation gaps between the old and young, or urban and rural. The other themes presented are about the technology, urbanization, nature, and traditional culture within Korea. They … Continue reading

A Call to Help

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“Sedae Chai” is currently in production. Production started during the summer of 2012 and will continue throughout all of 2013. The goal of this documentary is to get the insights and perspectives from Koreans of all ages and backgrounds about … Continue reading

Painfully Beautiful

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Last weekend (September 14-16) I went location scouting to the south coast of Korea with one of the producers (Min Byeong Chae). We went to Sorok Island (Sorok-do / 소록도). During the Japanese colonization of Korean (1905/10 to 1945), Sorok-do … Continue reading

Scaling the Peak

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Sedaechai (working title) is not only about the people of Korea, but also the places – manmade and natural. Images and voiceovers from the diverse people of Korea will be edited with time lapse shots showing the range of geography … Continue reading